What is to be said? I look for mediums and formats of expression than can touch and affect. I use movement and other visual forms.

My physical practice is grounded in crafting improvisation. I research to unfold resources that are archived in the body in order to open up playful dialogues.

I am triggered by how and where collective experience ends and individual experience begins. I feed my work searching inside the blurring borders between public and so-called private realms.

Born in Santiago. Based in Berlin. 

Studied contemporary dance at The Place, London.

Works currently with United Cowboys (NL) and Body Talk (GER)

Involved the last years as performer with Sandra Man & Moritz Majce (GER), Bibiana Jimenez (GER), Clement Layes (GER), Rick Nodine (UK), Carolyn Deby (UK), Protein Dance (UK), Jose Vidal&Cia (CH), Fionn Cox Davies (UK), Anders Duckworth (UK).